Wooden figures

Acrylic on wood.

How and why did I start making wooden paintings, cut and made to stand?  I have been doing it so long that I can't even remember.  Paper dolls were some of my favourite things as a child, and I know that I liked the idea of making my paintings come alive, in that Toy Story kind of way.  And, after seeing a wonderful installation by the Swedish artist Öyvind Fahlström at the Pompidou Centre, I had the notion of creating my own surreal, anthropomorphic little world, where the viewer could make his or her own connections between the pieces.    

Ten years ago, I would cut each one out by hand, using a D shaped saw.  Then my father very kindly bought me a scroll saw, and my life changed for the better.  

Here: House on Fire Wearing Slippers, Volcano Wearing Wellington Boots, Dancer with Bird Skirt, and Woman with a Village on her Head.

wooden figures old.jpg