German Girl wearing Persian Sweater

Acrylic on vintage totem tennis paddle.

I started painting table tennis paddles and bats after I received a random box of vintage ones from Ms Pene Durston of Cottage Industry in Melbourne.  Ms Pen and I have since become friends (there are few people more knowledgable and generous than her), and the paddles have become one of my most popular painted items.

This one is a favourite.  I like her 1970s bowl cut and I designed the sweater myself, inspired by a Persian rug.  The paddle was actually found for me by my friend Katie B -- I have a few bat sleuths now!

I still paint bats and paddles from time to time, but they sell out quickly.  I usually let people know via my Instagram page when there is a new set of them in my Etsy shop.

girl wearing persian sweater low res.jpg