Commissioned portraits

Acrylic on plywood and table tennis paddles

Details only shown here, to protect the privacy of my subjects and their families.  (Do not hesitate to contact me if you would prefer that I remove your image.  Or add it, if the case may be!)

The first commissioned portraits that I painted were for Andrea Shaw and her sister Jen, after Andrea saw my portraits at The Design Files Open House.  A couple of the portraits went on to appear in a feature on Andrea's home in the Frankie magazine publication Spaces II.  I have received many and varied commissions since then from various parts of the world.  Thanks so much for your brainwave, Andrea!  

Please contact me if you would like a quote and an approximate timeline.  I generally work to A4 or A3, but I am happy to work to other sizes.  I paint using acrylic on plywood, but have also been known to paint on vintage table tennis bats when available. All I need are some good quality photos of your subject -- old or new.  Your imagination is optional, but it always makes the process more fun and the end result even better!

portraits random 16.jpg